Cuban medical brigade present in eight departments of Nicaragua

Cuban medical brigade present in eight departments of Nicaragua
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2 April 2020
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Since their arrival two weeks ago in Nicaragua, the presence of the Cuban medical brigade has extended to eight departments of the country to advise on prevention and confrontation of the Covid-19, said Dr. Michel Cabrera on Wednesday.

The head of the team of five specialists, belonging to the internationalist contingent Henry Reeves, explained to Prensa Latina that in all cases they visited the main hospital of the region, which is the one destined to the attention of the suspected and diagnosed cases of the disease.

The doctor said that in all the facilities they met with the management team and their workers to analyze the flow of care for patients who might be infected with the virus.

In each of these meetings, most of the personnel who are assigned to deal with the disease participated, from doctors, nurses, intensivists, even the cleaning assistants who are in charge of the sanitation work, said Dr. Cabrera.

To date, the largest nation in Central America has the second lowest number of people infected with the virus in the Americas, with only five confirmed cases, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health.


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