Cuban doctors' brigades deserve Nobel Peace Prize

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Cuban doctors' brigades deserve Nobel Peace Prize
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14 October 2020
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The Cuba Si France solidarity association on Wednesday considered that Cuba's Henry Reeve Medical Brigades are worthy of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize due to their solidarity and contribution to the global fight against Covid-19.

In a statement to Prensa Latina, the association welcomed the sending of a formal request to the Norwegian Nobel Committee to nominate the Cuban health professionals, made by congressman François-Michel Lambert on Monday.

For the association founded in 1991, the Henry Reeve Medical Brigades are an example of civilization and human progress, which summarizes in a few words the reasons for awarding them.

Fidel Castro, the visionary, is right again, because Cuba and its medical brigades provide great benefit to humanity, by defending life and peace globally, he stressed.

On Monday, Lambert, president of the France-Cuba Friendship Group in the French National Assembly, made the request official on behalf of French organizations, personalities and citizens and from other regions of the world integrated into a platform to promote the award.

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