Cuban Artists Support Fight Against Covid-19 from Italy

Cuban Artists Support Fight Against Covid-19 from Italy
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4 March 2021
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Encouraged by the desire to contribute to the fight against Covid-19 in their country, Cuban artists living in Italy, Ulises Mora and Irma Castillo, are currently promoting a campaign to donate syringes.


United in life, art and love for Cuba, Ulises and Irma have been living in Italy for 25 years, where they are carrying out an intense work to disseminate the Cuban culture through the teaching of folkloric and popular dances within the framework of the 'Clave de Son' school and Timbalaye, international promoter of the island's culture.


The idea of the campaign, Mora says, arose when through the news he learned that Cuba will need 24 million syringes to vaccinate this year the resident population with its vaccines and, as is logical, it will have difficulties to purchase them due to the US blockade and the permanent economic harassment.


Immediately, he states, an Italian friend named Giuseppe Salvatti, through whom we had made a donation of two ambulances to Cuba in the past, came and told me that he already had the first 1,000 syringes and then we continue receiving responses with donations, first of all from the school's students.


Mora underlines that the reaction 'has been very nice because at the same time we have met Cuban residents in Spain, the United States, India and other countries interested in helping' and adds that along the way 'a network has been spontaneously set up that we are very excited about.'


Irma, for her part, emphasizes Timbalaye's role in 'revealing Cuba's reality of the brutal economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States', despite which and its tightening in these times, the island continues developing vaccines that can save her people and humanity.

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