Cuban ambassador to France highlights cooperation of the island during pandemic

Cuban ambassador to France highlights cooperation of the island during pandemic
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12 September 2020
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Elio Rodriguez Perdomo, Cuban ambassador to France, highlighted his nation's support to other countries with the sending of more than 40 medical brigades abroad in the midst of the pandemic by COVID-19 during an interview with the French Communist Party's newspaper, L'Humanite.

According to the Cuban foreign ministry's website, another important topic during the exchange was the nomination of the Henry Reeve contingent for the Nobel Peace Prize, a request that has become a worldwide campaign to recognize the altruism of Cuban doctors against the lucrative interests that others have seen with the outbreak of the disease.

Rodriguez Perdomo noted that the Cuban revolution has always been characterized in its foreign policy by the defense of multilateralism and the preservation of peace.

In spite of the mentioned above, the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington, which is currently tightening, is the main hurdle to our economic development, the diplomat indicated in the interview to the journalist Gael de Santis, head of the world service of the well-known French newspaper.

he conversation took place within the framework of the activities organized virtually by the 83rd edition of this celebration, which will be held until next Sunday.

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