Cuba Va is a headline in Uruguay's El Popular newspaper

Cuba Va is a headline in Uruguay's El Popular newspaper
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3 January 2021
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Against all odds, Cuba continues defending its revolution today as 62 years ago, according to an editorial entitled Cuba Va and published in the Uruguayan newspaper El Popular, on the occasion of the new anniversary of the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro.

The Uruguayan communists' newspaper recalled that Rodney Arismendi, who was its general secretary, defined it (the Cuban Revolution) as 'a theoretical scandal' and a change in the emancipatory struggle of our Latin American peoples, because it marked the beginning of the second and final independence.'

In a retelling of permanent harassment, constant aggression and terrorist acts organized and financed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Arismendi stresses that no country has been blocked for so long.

However, the answer was once again the social and political unity of the people, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), which reflects Jose Marti's historic tradition, he said.

Cuba's solidarity and humanism, exemplified in doctors send to dozens of countries, Operation Miracle, the literacy campaign, the fight against Ebola and the current struggle against the Covid-19 pandemic with the mobilization of Cuba's Henry Reeve brigades, have been emphasized in the extensive article that lists Cuba's social achievements.


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