Cuba Urges Developed Nations to Honor Climate Change Commitments

Cuba Urges Developed Nations to Honor Climate Change Commitments
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18 August 2022
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Havana, Aug 17 (ACN) Cuban Premier Manuel Marrero said on Wednesday that the developed nations should honor their compromises related to the financing of actions to mitigate climate change.

Addressing participants at the First Regional Meeting of Heads of Government of the Caribbean, underway in The Bahamas, the Cuban premier said the financial support by the developed countries is not a gift, but an obligation for being accountable for the generation of climate change and the colonization and exploitation of natural resources in Latin America and the Caribbean, according to PL news agency.

The Cuban head of government said that entities like the Green Forum, the Environment Fund, the Adaptation Fund and all multilateral banks must simplify and harmonize climate-related financial applications.

The official said that developed nations did not honor their compromise to provide 100 billion dollars annually to back efforts by the South in 2020.

On Wednesday, the Cuban Prime Minister met with Grenada’s Premier Dickson Mitchell. Both leaders ratified their willingness to expand bilateral relations.

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