Cuba details in China its strategy as a safe tourist destination

Cuba details in China its strategy as a safe tourist destination
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23 July 2020
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Beijing, Jul 23 (Prensa Latina) Cuba outlined in China today the strategy applied in its facilities to resume tourist operations and receive international clients, under measures that guarantee hygienic-sanitary security and a Covid-19 free scenario.

When speaking at an event on the sector, the Consul General in Shanghai, Néstor Torres, specified that aware that travel will no longer be as before, the island has allowed visitors to enter gradually since last July 1, depending on demand and only in the northern and southern keys of the archipelago.

To each tourist -he specified- a PCR health test is applied and his body temperature taken upon arrival in the country, while clinical-epidemiological surveillance is established in hotels by a team of specialists.

As he pointed out, Cuba requires from these facilities an official certificate that endorses its condition as a place of 'More Hygienic and Safe Tourism' and both employees and guests must comply with the measures in force.

Torres commented on the weight of the so-called leisure industry in the island's economy and hence its constant development, which now allows it to have 27 joint ventures in five thousand 4 and 5-star hotel rooms.

He mentioned among the attributes of Cuba's destination having a hospitable and cultured people, being one of the safest countries in the world, plus a broad cultural and historical legacy.

The largest of the Antilles, he explained, plans to attract more travelers from China with an offer that includes resorts with city, nature, sun and beach, and health segments, among others.

He affirmed his country offers excellent services despite the difficulties derived from the intensification of the economic, financial and commercial blockade of the United States and the campaigns aimed at discrediting the tourism industry.

On the other hand, he referred to air connections with several cities in Europe, the direct flight from Beijing that stops in Toronto, and the route through Moscow.

He also highlighted the good state of bilateral relations and relations of 60 years in September with systematic high-level exchanges, in-depth political dialogue and mutually beneficial cooperation projects.

'All this forms a solid base, between parties, governments and peoples to achieve greater objectives in the exchange in the tourism sector,' he added.

The Cuban consul made this presentation at a tourism event organized together with the Association of Friendship of the Chinese People with Foreigners in Shanghai.

The activity was covered by, an influential portal that provides travel news and information in several languages, has more than 50 million visits and an average of over three million users every day.

Its reach extends to the internet, social networks and television.


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