Cuba defends sexual rights in days against homophobia and transphobia

Cuba defends sexual rights in days against homophobia and transphobia
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9 May 2024
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Cuba encourages the effective exercise of the sexual rights of LGTBIQ+ people in the context of the Cuban Days against Homophobia and Transphobia, which take place from May 3 to 18.

The combination of academic and cultural activities of sexual education and community participation promote this purpose, according to the director of the National Sexual Education Center (Cenesex), Mariela Castro Espín.

The expert highlighted during a television appearance this Wednesday afternoon that the purpose of Cenesex is to provide tools against different forms of discrimination. In that sense, she pointed out the urgency of increasing the communication effort of the country's institutions to achieve higher levels of understanding of families and society, learning and acceptance of individualities in relation to gender identity and sexual preferences.

Likewise, she highlighted the existence in the LGTBIQ+ community of revolutionary activism in defense of popular causes, in the midst of the active homophobic media crusade that stimulates rejection and discrimination against people with homo and transsexual sexual preferences.

For his part, the deputy director of Cenesex, Gustavo Valdés, pointed out that the combination of academic and cultural activities has Havana and the western province of Mayabeque as its epicenter.

He referred to the holding of the 8th International Transidentities, Gender and Culture Colloquium, a cultural gala, a photographic exhibition, book presentations, and community fairs in Havana.

Other Cenesex experts recounted the work experiences of that institution throughout the country that are revealed during the annual Conference against homophobia and transphobia in Cuba, organized since 2008.

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