Cuba debates on Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing

Cuba debates on Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing
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21 November 2023
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From Tuesday to Thursday, the University of Matanzas (UM) is the focus of discussion of the 24th International Event "Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing: Its Teaching and Applications," MATECOMPU 2023.

According to the website, in-person and virtual attendees aim to socialize scientific results and experiences of good practices at different educational levels.

Raydel Valladares Rodríguez, head of the events’ group at UM, explained that according to the official call, the main activities will include keynote speeches by researchers and experts, posters, workshops, panels, roundtable discussions, and short courses, in addition to the presentation of specialized publications.

The teaching and learning of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computing in digital media, curriculum design, innovation, professional training in contemporary university, engineering models, robotics, and introduction of scientific results will be some of the topics, he said.

Valladares Rodríguez added that others will address experiences in using digital media, ICT-mediated learning, Ethno-mathematics, History of Mathematics, and resources to renew the teaching process, the social function of these disciplines, and their contribution to the processes to obtain and introduce results that relate science, technology, society, and the environment.

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