Cuba Calls for Action against Plastic Pollution

Cuba Calls for Action against Plastic Pollution
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2 December 2022
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Cuba demands that the international measures against plastic pollution be joined by resources necessary for their enforcement, particularly the transfer of technology, according to the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment.

In its Twitter account, the ministry referred to the participation of Cuba at the first meeting of the intergovernmental committee for the negotiation on plastic pollution, underway at Punta del Este tourist center, Urugay, till December 2 with the participation of 150 countries.

Cuban deputy prime minister Ines Maria Chapman referred to the significance of the meeting in Urugay , which is aimed at drawing up a binding plan for 2024 which allows reducing plastic wastes in the environment.

“Taking care of the sea, putting an end to pollution of this ecosystem, is something we all must contribute to.”

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