Cuba to attend the Continental Chess Championship

Cuba to attend the Continental Chess Championship
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4 February 2023
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Grand Masters (GM) Carlos Daniel Albornoz and Luis Ernesto Quesada will represent Cuba at the 16th Absolute Continental Chess Championship, which from May 14 to 26 will be held in the beach town of Juan Dolio, in the Dominican Republic.

The president of the Cuban Federation of that sport, Carlos Rivero, confirmed the news and added that another third man will be included, whose name will be announced after the closing of the current national championship, held in the city of Holguin(eastern Cuba).

According to what has been published by the Chess Confederation of America (Fide America), in addition to the tournament of classical games, the continental champions of rapid and Blitz will be defined on Dominican territory.

These two modalities are the ones summoned for the debut of chess in the Central American and Caribbean Games of San Salvador 2023, scheduled June 23 to July 8, hence Cuba's interest in guaranteeing the presence of Albornoz and Quesada.

The continental championship will be part of their preparations for San Salvador, Rivero explained about the strategy conceived for those who will be the two representatives of the island in the multisport event.

In the Continental Championship, the classical segment was called for 11 rounds by the Swiss system, while the Blitz is scheduled for May 20 and the rapid event between the 24th and 25th.

In May 2022, the previous event of this kind took place in the Salvadoran capital, where the most outstanding Cuban was Yasser Quesada, who finished third.

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