Cuba among countries with most tests to detect COVID-19

Cuba among countries with most tests to detect COVID-19
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17 July 2020
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More than 35,000 tests, between real time PCR and rapid tests per million inhabitants, have been applied in Cuba in order to detect the greatest number of cases with Covid-19 in the Caribbean nation.

During his daily press conference, the head of Epidemiology of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (Minsap), Francisco Durán, stressed that Cuba is among the 20 countries that have made the most diagnoses, despite not being one of the most affected by the pandemic.

According to the world statistics site ( cited by the Cuban specialist, the Caribbean nation does not officially appear on the list, but it could be placed on the table, with exactly 35,115 tests -- between rapid tests and PCR -- applied up to July 1st.

The references on this site make a link between the countries most affected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the tests carried out per million inhabitants and thus place the United Kingdom at the top of the list with 138,860 diagnoses.

Following are Russia with 134,049 tests, Qatar, Spain, and the United States with 103,332, a country that has exceeded 140,100 deaths and 3,615,760 confirmed cases this week.

Italy reported 89,149 tests at the beginning of this month, followed by Canada with 73,397, Germany with 64,602 and China with 62,814.

Among the Latin American countries mentioned by are Chile with 58,086 tests performed and Peru with 50,937.

In spite of the media campaigns to discredit Cuba's work in the confrontation with COVID-19, the actions of Cuba demonstrate with facts the premise that saving lives is a priority.

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