Colombia counts 47 killed in repressive violence against protesters

Colombia counts 47 killed in repressive violence against protesters
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9 May 2021
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The Institute for Peace Studies (Indepaz) and the non-governmental organization Temblores reported this Saturday that after 11 days of massive mobilizations, Colombia registers 47 fatalities as a result of the repression perpetrated by agents of the Mobile Anti-Riot Squad (ESMAD) and the National Army.

According to social organizations of the 47 killed, 39 are due to police violence, "the NGO Temblores points out that in Colombia there have been 963 arbitrary detentions and 12 cases of sexual violence," adds the report.

In spite of the fact that last Wednesday the country counted 14 people with eye injuries, three days later the figure rose counting a total of 28 citizens reported with eye injuries.

"Between April 28 and May 8, there have been 278 aggressions by the Police, as well as 1,876 events classified as violent based on audiovisual records", explains the document of both organizations.

One of the most alarming data is the rate of missing persons, since the beginning of the massive mobilizations until last Friday, 548 people whose whereabouts are unknown have been reported.  Regarding the cities, Cali (Valle del Cauca) has 35 murdered, followed by Bogota (capital), Soacha, Pereira and Madrid (Cundinamarca) with two victims each.

Despite threats by the Army general to maintain the deployment of his men and repression by the ESMAD, Colombians returned to the streets to demonstrate against the policies undertaken by President Iván Duque.

Protests erupted after Duque's controversial tax reform bill (later withdrawn by the Executive), citizens across the country demand the repeal of the pension and health reform, as well as greater opportunities to combat the deep inequality suffered by the country.

On Friday, protesters in Cali denounced that police officers in civilian clothes attacked the mobilizations with firearms.


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