Chile implements plan to recuperate music sector

Chile implements plan to recuperate music sector
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17 June 2021
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Santiago, Chile, Jun 17 (Prensa Latina) Chile's Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage is seeking to reactivate the music industry, so it is implementing a plan to bring afloat the depressed sector due to the pandemic Covid-19.
The program will have a budget of 200 million Chilean pesos (some 280,000 dollars) that will be distributed among the winning projects among those who apply for that help, Radio Cooperativa reported.

Minister Consuelo Valdés said that the recuperation of the music industry is one of the Ministry's goals, due to the problems to hold concerts and other events that are important for its development.

Likewise, she called on unions, associations and artistic distribution and development agencies to present their projects by July 27.

The fund aims to encourage the reactivation of these activities after more than one and a half years of pandemic, through ¨exhibits, marketing, sales, circulation, broadcast or distribution of contents and/or services specific to the music industry¨.

Projects must be presented by legal lucrative or non-lucrative entities, related to the music sector, like cultural centers or infrastructure institutions devoted to arts broadcast in general.

It also includes artistic development and distribution companies, bars, the media, unions, associations, entrepreneurs and others, and each and every chosen initiative will get a unique amount of 25 million Chilean pesos.

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