On certain “cultural” paradoxes

On certain “cultural” paradoxes
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2 November 2020
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Pablo Menéndez was born in the United States. He has performed — along with his band — several times in his homeland. But it gets harder with the passing of time.

Pablo Menéndez is one (another) victim of a blockade affecting the historical ties between two cultures. “We are not enemies. We are neighbors” — he posted in social networks. And wonders: “what stand between us?

The answer seems to be pretty clear: the obsession of some ultraconservative sectors, certain men and women in Miami’s circus who wander these days at the rhythm of the US elections: they push hard because they understand such pressure will topple a government. They support the candidate threatening more, by stating Cuba represents a danger to universal democracy and freedom.

The paradox is that they end up sabotaging art, which is actually a symbol of freedom. The musician Pablo Menéndez (who is an artist, not a politician) is very clear about that: Cuba is not the one undermining things.

The nation that — according to some — enslaves its art has opened its doors to great American creators and has promoted the union between artists from Cuba and the U.S. The doors are being closed there. The blockade is being imposed by them. The black lists are created there. And the artists’ response (and Pablo Menéndez has it very clear as well) is to continue doing art. Art has no boundaries.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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