Casa de las Americas recalls Benedetti's friendship with Cuba

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Casa de las Americas recalls Benedetti's friendship with Cuba
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14 September 2020
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Havana, Sep 14 (Prensa Latina) The Casa de las Americas recalled here on Monday the hundred birth anniversary of the Uruguayan poet Mario Benedetti, one of the essential voices of Latin America's literature, who maintained a strong bond with Cuba and its creators.
During Benedetti's life, the poet reiterated his immense love for Cuba, a country he visited in 1966 at the House's invitation, to which he had an intense relation over more than forty years as a jury for the literary award, recalls the Cuban institution on its official website.

Benedetti wrote in a letter sent after his first visit to the country, 'my five weeks in Cuba have already been listed among my best seasons (…), due to the spiritual shock that represents being a witness to a social and political experience like that Cuba is lucky to live.'

The Latin American integration institution emphasized 'its organizational and work capacity managed collections, launched a sound archive and records, prefaced volumes, made anthologies, arranged conference cycles, and convened collaborators from half the world.'

In Cuba, the artist shared with outstanding intellectuals, such as Roberto Fernandez Retamar or Haydee Santamaria, consolidated the work of the respectable entity, where he was a member of the magazine's collaboration committee, prepared books for the publishing label and headed the Center for Literary Research.

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