Casa de las Americas literary award opens in Cuba

Casa de las Americas literary award opens in Cuba
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23 April 2024
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Cuba opens the Casa de las Americas Literary Award on Monday distinguishing the most outstanding of this expression in the continent.

Jorge Fornet, director of Casa de las Americas Literary Research Center, told national television about the new features of the 64th edition of this prestigious award, which will be held until Friday, April 26.

The Casa de las Americas Literary Prize will open this Monday with the words by Guatemalan writer Arturo Arias, and this time, it calls for four genres: Novel, Theater, Artistic or literary essay, and Literature for children and young people.

Renowned intellectuals from different regional countries will participate, each with diverse ways of appreciating literature, Fornet said.

He added that the jury will meet with the public, and the celebration will coincide, for the first time, with World Spanish Language Day on April 23.

The Literary Award will be granted on Friday, April 26, and the closing ceremony will be in charge of singer-songwriter Diego Gutiérrez.

The Casa de las Américas cultural institution celebrates its 65th anniversary on April 28, and the literary award is one of the leading protagonists.

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