Carlos Acosta turns 50

Carlos Acosta turns 50
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2 June 2023
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Carlos Acosta is a true ballet star and turns 50 today. Half a century and so many accomplishments that would last two or three professional lives. There has been, of course, a lot of effort, a lot of commitment to his art, his study, and not a few sacrifices.


But there has also been—there is—talent, sensitivity, dreams, and the skill to transcend mediocrity. Carlos Acosta is one of the greats of Cuban art. And he has always been an ambassador of a culture (which goes beyond his artistic expressions) in the greatest dance companies worldwide. Proudly Cuban. Universal, because most importantly, he is from Cuba.


His professional career seems a novel and it was screened in an autobiographical film. It is the story of a humble child who managed to overcome obstacles and reached the pinnacle of ballet. But it is much more: he is the vivid story of permanent grow, in which context and will come together. Carlos Acosta’s example is that of the possible realization of certain utopias. Hundreds of children and adolescents, dance students, regard him as their main referent.


He could revel in his success —first ballet dancer involved in the greatest ballet companies, successful choreographer, renowned artist in different places—, but he has dedicated to teach. He realized one of his dreams in Cuba: a dance company, Acosta Danza, which has gardened praises all over the nation. And away from spotlights, he has contributed with the training of dancers and choreographers. One of his greatest achievements has been to open the world stage doors to several Cuban artists.


But the importance of his art would have been enough to guarantee him a privileged spot in Cuban culture. Carlos Acosta has moved and encouraged hundreds of thousands of people around the world. He has installed them, at least for a moment, in the wonderful realm of creation. And that is the privilege—and the responsibility—of great artists.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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