BRIEF CHRONICLES: Where do these kids learn these stuff?

BRIEF CHRONICLES: Where do these kids learn these stuff?
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11 March 2022
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This story is based on actual events. A little girl has just started her seventh grade and she tells me that she and her classmates make up fictional families:

“I am the daughter of S, who is a single father. That is, we are a single-parent family. But now C wants to be my best friend and mine’s child. C loves the idea of having two moms. We are a pretty cool homoparental family. As C is blond, everyone notices that the expectant mother is my friend I. The other day M joined the family. She is my daughter-in-law now, C’s wife. They have three children with M’s cinnamon-colored skin and curly hair.”

Then she explains to me that she does not know the grandchildren, she can only picture them in her mind. She laughs and adds: "In the end, it's all a game, and we are not the only family in the classroom. There are others that are even more original," she tells me and laughs again.  “We don't make fun of it, on the contrary, it's that we think it's very good and we don't have prejudices. People without prejudice are awesome,” she concludes.

I listened to her until the end and I kept thinking that if we, adults, don't catch up, it will be our children and adolescents who will teach us the comprehensive sexuality education program, because the classes, A wisely explains, are taught by everyday life: “what we have is pure imagination, but based on real life.”

A note: the letters instead of the names are to protect the adults closest to her and her friends, because she does not know if they will be ready for this chronicle.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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