Brazil's attorney general demands inquiry against Bolsonaro

Brazil's attorney general demands inquiry against Bolsonaro
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26 April 2020
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Brazil's Attorney General Augusto Aras requested Saturday for the Supreme Federal Court (STF) to open an investigation against the nation's president, Jair Bolsonaro, following accusations presented by former Super-Minister of Justice Sergio Moro.

Moro, the former judge who took former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to jail, accused Bolsonaro on Friday of political interference in the Federal Police after the president fired its chief Mauricio Valeixo.

The former minister assured that in the dismissal of Valeixo was fraudulent and that Bolsonaro wanted to have access to confidential intelligence information of the Federal Police, "and really, it's not the job of the federal police to give that information," he said in a nationally broadcast address.

Aras requested the investigation to determine if the facts recounted by Moro constitute crimes of responsibility committed by the Brazilian president, while the now former minister will be called to testify as a measure to proceed with the process.

Moro will have to attend an initial hearing, "so that he can present a detailed statement on the terms of the pronouncement, with the presentation of appropriate documentation that he may have on the events in question," the prosecutor said.

The Attorney General also asked the STF magistrates to "investigate possible crimes of ideological falsehood, coercion in an ongoing process, embezzlement, obstruction of justice, privileged passive corruption, slanderous reporting and crime against honor."

It is one of the strongest blows for the Bolsonaro government, who is also in the middle of a wave of criticism after his bad management to face the impact of the COVID-19 that is causing thousands of deaths in the country.

After losing not only one of his top ministers but one of his closest allies analysts say this could probably be the end of his term, as well as several members of Congress believe that he could be impeached.


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