The Boluarte Regime Criminalizes Protests: Peruvian Workers

The Boluarte Regime Criminalizes Protests: Peruvian Workers
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1 February 2023
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On Tuesday, the Workers' General Confederation of Peru (CGTP) denounced that the regime of President Dina Boluarte is implementing a smear campaign against the protests so as to criminalize social leaders.

This South American country's largest union recalled that at least 65 people died as a result of the repression that began on Dec. 7, 2022, when thousands of Peruvians began to take to the streets to demand the resignation of Boluarte, the closure of Congress, the call for early general elections, and the establishment of a constituent assembly.

Amid the protests called by the National Assembly of the Peoples, the Peruvian workers also denounced the establishment of a civil-military dictatorship that is acting on behalf of the business and political elites.

This authoritarian regime, whose visible leaders are Boluarte and her Prime Minister Alberto Otarola, "has the approval of monopolic businessmen and mainstream media," the CGTP said.

The tweet reads, "It seems that the gringos guaranteed Dina impunity if she continued with the repression! When they cling to power through repression and not through elections, it's because they have the support of the White House!"

"With this spectacle the streets of Cusco woke up. There are no demonstrations but a state of terror. Soldiers carrying assault weapons. Dina Boluarte's coup-born regime uses the army to seize Peru."

The workers' leaders explained that conservative journalists act as instruments to make the murders appear as "normal" events and to blame social organizations for what is happening.

"Citizens ask for the resignations of Boluarte and Otarola so that they can be brought to justice and answer for their crimes against humanity," the CGTP stressed, calling for the unity of all democratic forces to fight against the oligarchic dictatorship.

Besides demanding the immediate restitution of civil rights in the country, the Peruvian workers request the release of all imprisoned social leaders. The CGTP called for another "national struggle day" on February 9.


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