'Bolivians Won't Allow A New Attack On Democracy': Arce

'Bolivians Won't Allow A New Attack On Democracy': Arce
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9 January 2023
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The President applauded that social organizations are willing to mobilize to reject right-wing protests demanding the resease of Santa Cruz governor.

On Sunday, Bolivia’s President Luis Arce applauded the position assumed by El Torno municipality social organizations, which denounced that protests in favor of terrorist-accused opposition politician Luis Fernando Camacho’s liberation seek to destabilize the country.

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"I thank the support of these organizations, which on behalf of the working people, tell the Bolivian far-right that they will not allow a new attack on democracy," Arce stated.

On Dec. 2022, the Santa Cruz Camacho was imprisoned in a maximum security prison in La Paz for participating in the 2019 coup d'état against former President Evo Morales and supporting the Senkata, El Alto, Sacaba, and Cochabamba massacres.

Since his arrest, terrorist groups and far-right supporters have burned about 27 State buildings and attacked over 38 Police officers in the Santa Cruz while they took part in protests that demanded his release.

"Camacho’s imprisonment is not about political persecution, but about justice," social organizations recalled, urging the Justice Ministry to continue investigating the crimes committed during the 2019 coup, which left about 38 people dead.

They pointed out that the recent protests in favor of Camacho's release, as well as the 2021 strike over the repeal of the Illicit Profits Act, are part of a U.S.-backed plan to overthrow President Arce.

"Let it be clear that we will not be surprised. We are alert, united in the struggle, organized and mobilized to defend the democracy that we recovered in the streets and at the polls and that cost mourning, blood, and pain to the Bolivian people," the organizations warned.

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