Bayer Biopharmaceutical Company grants award to Cuban scientist

Bayer Biopharmaceutical Company grants award to Cuban scientist
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26 January 2023
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The German chemical-pharmaceutical company Bayer awarded the prize in Medical Sciences to Cuban scientist Yanira Mendez Gomez, Cuba's Finlay Vaccine Institute informed on Thursday.

Bayer, one of the world’s major biopharmaceutical companies, granted the award in Medical Sciences to Yanira Mendez Gomez, who did her doctorate jointly between SintLab, the Finlay Vaccines Institute and the IPB in Germany, the scientific institution noted on Twitter.

‘Congratulations to you, your tutors and Cuban Science,’ the message highlights. Mendez’s award is for the development of new methods to elaborate antibacterial vaccines and modify antibodies to obtain anticancer agent. She also contributed her knowledge to the vaccines against Covid-19.

The award winner noted, ‘Thank you very much! I have always felt very fortunate to have been part of the wonderful team at the Finlay Vaccines Institute and to have been mentored by such talented scientists.’

The Chemical and Biomolecular Synthesis Laboratory (Sintlab) of the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Havana is a joint research and innovation institution with the business group BioCubaFarma.

Sintlab participated from the beginning as one of the three main institutions in the research and innovation work that led to the development of Cuba’s homegrown Soberana vaccines.

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