Artillery strike against Russian city kills 1 civilian and injures 10

Artillery strike against Russian city kills 1 civilian and injures 10
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19 December 2022
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Moscow, Dec 19 (Prensa Latina) One civilian was killed and 10 others were injured by an artillery strike perpetrated by the Ukrainian military against the Russian city of Belgorod and its homonymous district, the governor, Viacheslav Gladkov, reported.

As the official published on the Vkontakte platform on Monday, seven of the injured are receiving outpatient treatment, while the remaining three are hospitalized under full care.

Gladkov said that it was an extremely difficult day as there have been bombardments by the Ukrainian Armed Forces against several civilian installations in the regional capital.

In total, 75 residential and industrial buildings, houses and about 40 cars were damaged by the attacks in the Belgorod district, he said.

“We are quantifying the damage and restoring the [infrastructure], especially the heating system, which was affected by the Ukrainian artillery,” Gladkov stated.

The Belgorod region, near the border with Ukraine, has been the target of numerous artillery strikes by Ukraine since the start of Russia’s special military operation.

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