Arnaldo Rodríguez in Facebook: Humanity is my Homeland

Arnaldo Rodríguez in Facebook: Humanity is my Homeland
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22 February 2021
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In some kind of postscript, renowned Cuban singer-songwriter, producer and cultural promoter makes it clear that his opinions “target no one or any specific organization. I do not care what people outside my ‘Church’ say, sing, or do with their lives. It is their business. I treat everyone with respect so I like to be treated the same way.”


El Talismán de Cuba (Cuba’s Talisman) has been the target of all sorts of threats, insults and personal and professional discredit. In his own words: “Lies and nonsenses coordinated in public media on my ideas and thoughts, which I have said from my democratic right to give my opinion.”


Arnaldo claims that “hatred, violence, and fascist manifestations in social networks” are aimed at “dividing and doing evil.” I would add that they are aiming for more: intimidate us, shut us up, and steal our freedom of speech, which they champion so much. But you know what, we will also win this game and we will no keep the double-blank tile to the end. We will play it every time we need. We have a strong game!”


Arnaldo —songwriter of La Lucecita Encendida—proves it when he leaves behind the pen to write poetry and makes convincing statements in his social network’s’ profiles:




“Denying the recent history of Cuba (at least its last 60 years) as the leitmotif for a different political cause, is not an offense relevant to the government, but a direct humiliation to the Cuban people, who are protagonists of its reality.


If, indeed, the flag is outraged, José Martí is defamed, the National Anthem is ridiculed and the 1868 Revolution is forgotten, well, we will be facing a stateless, annexationist, colonizing and imperialist trend.


Denying the deeds and mistakes, the strengths and weaknesses of the Cuban revolutionary process is a questionable and dishonest attitude. Lying about the benefits they have received, even those that never coincide with that of the rest of the people, does not make you a hero. Such attitude does not put you in a position of promoter of justice, the champion of freedom, or a sensible “saint” concerned, who fight for the economic wellbeing of the people. On the contrary, this trend is a huge lie, manipulative, and dangerous, which play with the achievements and vicissitudes of the Cuban people. And this lie has actually a lot of believers (naïf, misled, criminals, and some honest individual).


I also want changes in my country (they began a while ago). I do not like foreign currency stores either. I also want and fight for a better future in my country. But I am not doing so by vilifying my heroes, or defaming symbols, or ignoring our history —full of sacrifice, blood and bravery of true men and women, who were embraced by dignity and integrity.


I could also stop being stubborn, leftist, and dreamer (very unlikely). But I swear before God and my nation that I would never become a vile mercenary who gives away my homeland (even with people inside) while bowing to other nation, claiming for foreign invasion. Not for three dollars, not for one million Euros. History endorsed the road to take; Humanity is my Homeland, and to Die for the Country is to Live.”


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff


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