Argentinian Socialist Movement Celebrates its 13th Congress

Argentinian Socialist Movement Celebrates its 13th Congress
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30 March 2024
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The 13th Congress of the Socialist Workers Movement within the United Left Front continues on Friday in Argentina with debates on the current domestic situation and the denunciation of President Javier Milei’s policies.

With the presence of delegates from several provinces and international delegations, the meeting opened on Thursday in the Plaza del Congreso in the capital city, and will carry on until March 31st.

Celeste Fierro, deputy for that organization in this city, stressed the importance of defining strategies to face the Liberty Advances’ Government, whose first months “showed an ultra-right project that attacks social and democratic rights and plunges the popular majorities into misery.”

We are in a recession that will bring thousands of new layoffs and much less consumption. They are willing to put the country at the service of a few, and move towards an authoritarian regime of decrees of necessity and urgency and repressive protocols, she added.

However, the leader assured that “there is a social force ready to counteract it with massive riots such as those of March 8 and 24”.

This is the path to follow, with millions in the streets to make our demands for decent wages and pensions, for jobs, health and public education felt, a mobilized people who say, “Enough of Milei, his adjustment, repression and denial,” he affirmed. He urged the General Confederation of Labor to call for a new general strike.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Bodart, leader of the Alejandro Bodart Movement, invited to build a better alternative from the left.

We propose that our front should summon thousands of people who today are fighting in the streets, workers and social leaders, neighborhood assembly members, cultural leaders and intellectuals. We want to transform ourselves into a great political movement of the workers, and the left to turn everything around and initiate a completely different course, he indicated.

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