Africa Unite, New Tribute Album to Bob Marley

Africa Unite, New Tribute Album to Bob Marley
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5 August 2023
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The songs of Jamaican musician Bob Marley continue to attract many fans worldwide today, to the point that his recently released posthumous album “Africa Unite” appears on the top charts.
The album brings together songs by the famous artist together with The Wailers band 42 years after his death, seasoned with rich mixes of reggae and Afrobeat rhythms.

On the album, the songs of the Jamaican and international music icon are reinterpreted and infused with Afrobeat rhythms and includes collaborations between his classics and some of the most recognized contemporary African creators today.

They brought their rhythm and personal style to 10 songs to pay tribute to the figure and influence of Bob Marley, while adding their voices to the compositions of the author of "Could You Be Loved", "Redemption Song" and "No woman, No Cry”.

Musicologists recognize Bob Marley’s influence on reggae and afrobeats musical culture, rhythms that have transcended time, borders and generations, so the new album becomes a tribute that builds bridges between the past and the present.

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