Eusebio Leal Awarded Pan American Tourism Medal

Eusebio Leal Awarded Pan American Tourism Medal
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27 October 2016
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Cuban historian Eusebio Leal Spengler was awarded the Gold Medal for the Pan American Tourism Merit thanks to his efforts in the rescue of Old Havana.

Such award is granted by the Board of the Confederation of Pan American Hotel, Gastronomy and Tourism Schools (CONPEHT), which currently is conducting its 26th Congress at the Convention Center in Havana, which will conclude on October 28th.

The meeting brought together 500 experts from around 20 countries and analyzes different aspects of the training of personnel of the recreational sector.

Eusebio Leal Spengler is the head of the Office of the Historian of Havana, which for many years has made a colossal effort in order to rescue the culture and traditions of Old Havana's heritage. Those efforts are recognized worldwide.

CONPEHT's president, Ramon Martinez, highlighted the work made by Eusebio Leal, his tenacity and passion for the conservation of Havana.

Ramon Martinez also said that the historian works tirelessly in the conservation of buildings and heritage of Havana, which was selected as one of the New 7 Wonder Cities.

Ramon Martinez highlighted that CONPEHT has witnessed these efforts as well as Leal's constant concern for preserving the city.

CONPEHT's president announced to delegates from Latin America and Spain that the Award will be presented to the Historian of Havana in his office, in the historic center of the city, during this week.

This Tuesday the Congress' participants will listen to lectures devoted to tourism and its relationship with crops, culture and community, among other topics.

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