Robin Gibb's final song to be released

Robin Gibb's final song to be released
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31 July 2014
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Sydney, which was produced by the musician before his death in May 2012, will be the final track on a new album compiled by his wife and son.

The album will be called 50 St Catherine's Drive, the address where Gibb was born on the Isle of Man.

His widow, Dwina, said the poignant last composition made her weep when she first listened to it.

"He cried when he wrote it", she added. "This fragment of song is poignant, wistful, beautiful and unfinished".

Mrs Gibb said her husband wrote the song late at night and used keyboards in their bedroom and some iPad software.

He had intended to produce the track fully in the studio with his brother Barry, but ill health prevented him from completing the task.

"He missed his twin brother Maurice who had passed away, but when he closed his eyes, the three young brothers were back in Sydney, Australia, happy together with their dreams and hopes for the future. Their future creations of course affected the world," said Mrs Gibb.

She has put together the 17-track album including song-by-song notes, which is due for release on 29 September.

The Bee Gees (l-r) Maurice, Barry and Robin Gibb
The Gibb brothers had UK number ones in the 1960s, 70s and 80s

Their son, RJ, co-wrote three of the tracks with Gibb.

Several of the songs are autobiographical in nature and were mainly written between 2006-8, but never released.

Gibb died at the age of 62 following a series of health problems.

He cancelled a series of shows in Brazil in April 2011, after suffering from abdominal pains.

Later that year, he was found to have cancer of the colon after having surgery on his bowel for an unrelated condition.

He was later also diagnosed with cancer of the liver, and underwent chemotherapy and surgery.

Shortly before his death, the singer fell into a coma after contracting pneumonia.

Along with his brothers, Barry and Maurice, Gibb was one third of the Bee Gees, who produced a series of worldwide hits including Tragedy, Jive Talkin' and You Win Again.

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