Colombia Presents Larger Virtual Guide of Gabo's Work

Colombia Presents Larger Virtual Guide of Gabo's Work
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14 April 2016
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The initiative of the Ministry of Culture and the National Library is named La Gaboteca (The Gabotheque) and is the largest compendium to guide stakeholders in the vast universe created by the Nobel Prize for Literature, author of texts such as One Hundred Years of Solitude and Of Love and Other Demons.

It is so big the bibliographic ocean emerged from and around Gabo that any reader, the one who seeks pleasure or the investigator, needs a guide to avoid the risk of becoming disoriented between the infinite manuscripts, explained the promoters to the press.

La Gaboteca website, which can be accessed through the address, offers the possibility of delving within three blocks of information: books written by Garcia Marquez, volumes referred to him and translations.

At the end, in "Lives and Trips", the visitors will find a biographical summary of the most important cities that welcomed him and the creations conceived in those places (Bogotá, Barcelona, Mexico, Havana, Paris, Rome).

Of all the places he lived this capital was the scene that impressed him the most.

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