Havana hosts its first fashion show

Havana hosts its first fashion show
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8 June 2015
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The commercial event, which is organized by Palco Entrepreneurial Group and the Cuban Chamber of Commerce, will be hosted by Pabexpo Exhibit Pavilion, June 8 to 11, in western Havana.

Cuba is looking forwards to finding a place at the most representative fashion markets in this region, particularly in Brazil and Jamaica, according to the organizers, who explained that the exhibit will include a wide array of articles, including textiles, cosmetics, sports clothes and fashion magazines.

The forum will gather commercial experts in the field as well as exhibitors and visitors so that they all exchange of views on international fashion trends. Also included are workshops, presentations and different services promoting the commercial fair.

A recent survey by the local newspaper Juventud Rebelde revealed that the majority of Cuban youngsters is not dressing appropriately for different occasions in everyday life due to the lack of variety of clothes in the national shopping network and economic limitations.

Another factor is the lack of fashion magazines that bring Cuban designs, which leads young people to follow patterns promoted by foreign magazines.

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