Cuban and French artists for a joint project in Havana and Lyon

Cuban and French artists for a joint project in Havana and Lyon
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21 May 2015
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Yenizer Gómez, who traveled with the French artists, told AIN News Agency this is the first time they develop this kind of exchange, something they would like to repeat in Lyon between September, 2015 and January, 2016.

Yenizer highlighted that both cities are venues of important art biennials and both have important art schools, and that this year they will be celebrating these events; therefore, they wanted to come to bring their proposals and gain experiences.

He also said they have selected a house located at 407, 24th street, in Havana’s Vedado district, where artists from Lyon and six Cuban students live together; and they transform the space and exchange with the audience.

He also stressed they have been inspired on the main slogan of this 12th Biennial “From idea to experience” and that each artist develops their work and interact with others through a mutual enrichment process.

Furthermore, he said they will have a pre-opening on May 23, at 6 pm, when works had not yet done, to measure the audience reactions before video-art and performance. The official opening will take place on May 25, at the same time.

Performances are a stage sample, most of the time with a significant improvising factor, where provocation or wonder, as the sense of aesthetics, play a major role.

Over one-thousand artists participate in this edition of Havana Biennial, aimed at giving visibility to the artists excluded from the big world artistic circuits.

This time, the Biennial intends to take art out the regular exhibition spaces, and over 190 projects with artists exceeding 400 are scattered throughout the city, with the purpose of getting the audience in touch with the communities through emerging proposals of contemporary art in Cuba and worldwide.

Translation: Roxana Marquez Herrera (Cubarte)

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