Liam Neeson Willing to Take on More Wicked Roles

Liam Neeson Willing to Take on More Wicked Roles
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16 April 2015
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“There is something noble in such wicked characters, though they suffered, while what they have experienced in the past is reflected later on,” he explained.

The movie follows a villainous hit man, Neeson’s character, who falls on hard times and is looking for redemption.

“This film was special because the character of Neeson was really wicked,” Spanish director Collet-Serra said.

Renowned actor Ed Harris plays the role of a gangster in “Run All Night,” an actor with whom Neeson has worked all his life, maintaining a relationship of absolute loyalty.

The Irish star is currently in Taiwan shooting “Silence,” a movie by legendary director Martin Scorsese, along with co-star Andrew Garfield, the titular role in the 2014 “The Amazing Spiderman 2.”

On his role in “Silence,” Neeson explained that his character is based on Father Ferreira, a Portuguese apostate who wrote a heretical, anti-Catholic book, while he shared that the movie touches upon a hot topic, religious fundamentalism.

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