Wide Avenue for US-Cuba Exchange

Wide Avenue for US-Cuba Exchange
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28 November 2014
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Members of the organization are holding practical workshops, music presentations and painting murals on building facades in the south-central city of Cienfuegos these days.

Project coordinator Mariesa Ryan told the Cuban News Agency that visual arts and music, including hip hop and trova songs are most favored artistic expressions, in an effort to set up a cultural bridge and break language, economic and information barriers between different manifestations.

The cultural actions can be admired in neighborhoods of Cienfuegos as well as in some avenues in Minneapolis, the United States, said Camilo Villavilla, member of the group and of the visual arts section with the Cuban Union of Artists and Writers.

In Cuba, the projects target the cities of Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba and Havana. The initiative will be made into a documentary by US film maker Paul Irmiter.

US-Cuba Artist Exchange was founded in April 2012 to promote culture and the spiritual development of those who participate and enjoy arts.

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