Cuban Film Week to be held in Russia

Cuban Film Week to be held in Russia
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5 November 2019
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With the premiere next Thursday of the film 'Esteban,' a week of Cuban film will be inaugurated in the Russian capital, in which actor Blanca Rosa Blanco and the director of that feature film, Jonal Cosculluela, will be present, diplomatic sources reported.

The 91-minute drama that opens the Cuban Film Week, starring Reinaldo Guanche, Manuel Porto and Yuliet Cruz, will be part of what is already a positive tradition to open the doors to Cuba every year in this nation.

The program also includes the film 'El Regreso,' directed by Blanco and Alberto Luberta, a police saga that stars Blanco herself and Adier Fernandez, among others from the island.

In addition, Russian audiences will be able to enjoy the feature film 'Los buenos demonios' (The Good Demons), a Cuban-Spanish co-production directed by the renowned Gerardo Chijona, with Carlos Enrique Almirante, Vladimir Cruz and Enrique Molina in the leading roles.

The fourth film of the Cuban Film Week will be 'Un traductor,' a Cuban-Canadian co-production, featuring Russian actors such as Alexander Maslennikov, Guennadi Dolganov and Natalia Rodina, among others.

The feast of modern Cuban cinematography closes with the film '¿Por que lloran mis amigas?' by Magda Gonzalez, starring Edith Massola, Patricio Wood, Paula Ali and Nestor Jimenez.

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