Phil Collins hands over Alamo artefacts

Phil Collins hands over Alamo artefacts
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30 October 2014
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"I'm 64," he said of his fascination with the 1836 battle. "When I was five or six years old, this thing began."

Collins' collection includes a fringed leather pouch used by Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie's legendary knife.

"There's things in there that will make your mouth drop," the Genesis star said in San Antonio.

The donation was accepted on Tuesday by Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who is campaigning for a new historical centre to house Collins' collection.

"Texans are deeply indebted to Phil Collins,'' Patterson said. "He is giving us back our heritage.

"Now these Texas treasures need a home where all can see them and study from them and learn about how Texans won our liberty.''

Two knives used at the Alamo that form part of Phil Collins' collection
Two of the Bowie knives used at the Alamo which form part of Collins' collection
Cannonball from Phil Collins' Alamo collection
A cannonball is also among the hundreds of items being donated

The legendary battle, named after a former mission in San Antonio, saw 1,500 Mexican troops lay siege to 200 Texans fighting for Texas independence.

Collins said he first became interested in the Alamo after watching a 1950s TV series about Crockett, the famed frontiersman who died in the conflict.

The Grammy and Academy Award winner's collection includes more than 200 items and is thought to be the largest in private hands.

"My nine-year-old son was saying, 'Why are you going to give it all away, Dad? I thought I was going to have it,''' he told reporters.

Davy Crockett powder pouch
The singer's collection also includes Davy Crockett's leather shot pouch
Phil Collins with Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson
Collins had been storing the items in the basement of his home in Switzerland

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