Rumba, Casino, Enjoyment Predominate at Tambor Festival in Cuba

Rumba, Casino, Enjoyment Predominate at Tambor Festival in Cuba
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8 March 2019
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Havana, Mar 8 (Prensa Latina) Cuban casino dancers are participating on Friday in the final days of the casino and rumba competitions organized by the 18th ''Guillermo Barreto in Memoriam'' International Drum Festival.

Since March 4, the sessions and shows of the event held in Havana become authentic popular festivals where dance and percussion embrace naturally.

This happens with Cuban artist Cimafunk, whom one cannot take his eyes off when he went up on stage and started dancing at Karl Marx Theater in Havana with its sticky sounds, agglutinating funk, the 1970s pop and the rhythms of Cuban traditional music.

There is no doubt that certain phrases of his songs were inserted into the daily discourse of the Cuban people and seeing so many young people excited about the proposals of this talented artist and band confirm that good music never goes out of fashion.

The Habana Compas Dance company opened the show with a lyrical touch by presenting a sui generis version of 'Concierto de Aranjuez', by Spanish Joaquin Rodrigo, performed with violin, electric bass, castanets and several drums.

Another luxury show was the performance of Spanish flamenco and copla singer Falete. He delighted the audience with his deep voice and songs such as Lo siento mi amor (I'm sorry my love), Mi amante amigo (My lover friend), Que sabe nadie (What nobody knows), Te quiero te quiero (I love you, I love you) and Soy lo prohibido (I am the Forbidden).

Falete scandalized with his powerful voice that the distance from the microphone does not feel, he shared stage with Cuban band Klimax and in one song accompanied by Iberian pianist Laura de los Angeles.

The Festival will conclude on March 10 but Falete will still remain in Cuba to give a concert, on March 13 at Memories Miramar Hotel.

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