Simón Bolivar: The Great Liberator to represent Venezuela at Academy Awards

Simón Bolivar: The Great Liberator to represent Venezuela at Academy Awards
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4 September 2014
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The Venezuelan film, Simón Bolivar: The Great Liberator, has been chosen by Venezuela as a candidate for an Oscar award in the category of Best Foreign Language Film. 

“This film that offers a new look at the Liberator, Simón Bolívar, has been nominated for an Oscar,” said the Mayor of Carácas, Jorge Rodríguez, in a press conference for the First International Caracas Film Festival to be held from September 12 to 21.

The Great Liberator premiered in Venezuelan movie theaters on July 24, to celebrate the birth of the anti-imperialist hero. It portrays the life of Simón Bolívar, who led the struggle for independence from Spanish domination in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Perú. Bolívar warned of the danger posed by the emerging North American Empire to the unity of Latin mérica and the Caribbean.

For the nomination, a  vote was taken by organizations representing Venezuelan film makers, directors, and representatives of the movie industry, with the main other contenders being Pelo Malo, by  Mariana Rondón, winner of the San Sebastián Concha de Oro Festival.

This is the third time that a film by Alberto Arvelo —director, scriptwriter, and film producer— has been chosen to represent Venezuela at the Academy Awards.

The film stars Edgar Ramírez in the role of Simón Bolivar. It will premier in the United States on October 3, having attracted 573,000 viewers in Venezuela since its premier. 

Venezuelan master composer and musician Gustavo Dudamel was also nominated for the Best Soundtrack, and his compositions are part of the score of The Great Liberator.

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