Tribute for Che's 50-Year Presence in Bolivia

Tribute for Che's 50-Year Presence in Bolivia
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4 October 2017
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La Paz, Sep 4 (Prensa Latina) Bolivia has officially opened -with songs, revolutionary poems and touching speeches- the international meeting for the 50th anniversary of the presence of Ernesto Che Guevara in this South American country.

In the opening ceremony of the event, the Minister of Culture, Wilma Alanoca, invited all Bolivians and social, cultural and civil society organizations from abroad, to participate in the cultural activities to be held in the municipality of Vallegrande, department of Santa Cruz, from tomorrow through Monday.

Despite the 50 years passed, Che's thought is more alive than ever and touches the full sensitivity of those who live and feel this process of change, said Alanoca referring to the Democratic Cultural Revolution of Bolivia, which began in 2006.

In addition, she highlighted the human values bequeathed by Che, his thoughts, the way of working for the benefit of the fellow men and friend, the anti-imperialist struggle and for the brotherhood and liberation of the peoples, as well as the tirelessly search for social justice.

In this regard, Che's ideology coincides with the economic and social policies promoted by Bolivian President Evo Morales. She recalled that the process of change is a hard struggle to wipe out discrimination, inequality and poverty.

She urged Bolivians to follow the example of the revolutionary leader, a disciplined human being who had a unwavering loyalty, the ability to love the other as himself and to have an incorruptible consciousness. How much did Che sacrifice? How much did Che devote himself to around the world? That's why Che is still living in our minds and hearts, and in our daily actions, Wilma asserted and stressed that Che's thought will remain forever as long as the people hold unity, love and solidarity.

Dulce Chazaro, member of the Ernesto Che Guevara Free Department in Mexico, and Bolivian journalist and historian Carlos Soria agreed with the ideas and teachings of Che after 50 years of his death to build Latin America.

The Cuban historians and writers Froilan Arencibia and Adys Cupull recalled the whole process they followed to reconstruct the facts closely related to Ñancahuazú guerrilla and how important it would be for for the revolutionary process in Bolivia.

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