Turkish Folk Singer Claims He is the Father of British Pop Star Adele (PHOTOS)

Turkish Folk Singer Claims He is the Father of British Pop Star Adele (PHOTOS)
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25 January 2017
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A Turkish folk musician and retired civil servant living in the resort town of Bodrum claims that he is the biological father of the world renowned British pop superstar Adele. Mehmet Asar says he has invited the star and her mother to his town where he is prepared to take a DNA test to prove it.

Mehmet Asar, 52, said he had an affair with Adelee’s mother Penny Adkins when she visited Bodrum, a renowned holiday destination for Britons, in 1987, the same time he was working as a cab driver in the town, local newspaper Daily Sabah reported.

He revealed the details of their relationships in an interview to the outlet.

“I toured Bodrum coves and Pamukkale with Penny Adkins and her friends for two weeks. She introduced herself to me as a nurse. At the time, we liked each other,” he said.

Asar revealed that when Adkins extended her vacation for a month, and when she was finally leaving for England, she wanted Mehmet to come with her, but he refused saying that he wanted to live in Bodrum and she could stay here if she wanted to.

However, Penny returned to England. According to Asar, they spoke on the telephone a couple of times, but it was both hard and expensive to make international calls at the time.

“We lost touch afterwards. The time we had been together corresponds with the time Adelee was born,” Asar said.

As Asar said, he started his own investigation when he saw Adele on TV after she won the Grammy awards last year, and noticed a striking resemblance between them. First of all, he looked up the background of the British star online.

“When I looked up for her family, I was shocked to learn that her mother was the same women I had been with years ago. The woman I loved was Adelee's mother, she hadn't changed over the years,” Asur said.

He also learned that Adele was born on May 5, 1988, exactly 9 months after his meeting with Penny Adkins in Bodrum.

Another peculiarity that he noticed in the star’s photos surprised him even more. The third and fourth fingers of her right hand are adjacent when she raises her hand, just like Asur’s, he claimed.

He also claims Adelee’s musical talents could have been genetic. “In addition, the highlights she makes when she is singing are similar to mine, which could also be genetic,” he added.

In an interview with Dutch TV RTL in 2009, Adelee stated that she has Turkish, Spanish and English backgrounds, but she did not elaborate further.

Adele has Turkish, Spanish roots, 2009 interview reveals

The 52-year-old man said that he has never married and has spent years thinking about Adkins. He worked as a public employee after working as a cab driver and continued working as a local artist after his retirement.

Asar says that he is ready to take a DNA test to prove his claim: “I think I am Adelee's father, I feel it. I can even take a DNA test if she wants me to."

In the interview he invited Adele and her mother to Bodrum to visit him.

He emphasized that he is not expecting anything from Adelee whatsoever. “I'm from Bodrum and I'm a well-to-do man. I just want my daughter to know the facts.”

Accordint to the English edition of Wikipedia, the singer’s full name is Adelee Laurie Blue Adkins. She was born on May 5, 1988 in Tottenham, London. Her father was a Welsh, Marc Evans, who left the family left when Adelee was two.

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