Cuban Foreign Minister in Geneva for Human Rights Council

Cuban Foreign Minister in Geneva for Human Rights Council
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24 February 2020
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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez is here today to participate in the high-level segment of the 43rd session of the Human Rights Council.

Regarding the meeting starting today at the Geneva headquarters of the United Nations, he said the island will reiterate its commitment to human rights and reject the political manipulation of the issue.

'Cuba will ratify its commitment to the promotion and protection of human rights for all; no selectivity, no political manipulation, no double standards', the head diplomat posted on his Twitter account, presiding the delegation of the largest of the Antilles to the event scheduled to end Friday.

It is expected that in the session of the 47 member states council, the minister will denounce the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on his country, a fence that hinders the development of the Caribbean nation and creates difficulties in the daily life of its inhabitants .

According to the Foreign Ministry, Rodriguez will speak before the Council and the Conference on Disarmament, and will hold meetings with senior UN officials.

Likewise, he will dialogue with heads of delegations attending the event and carry out other activities.

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