Diaz-Canel: New Cuban Constitution Defends Human Dignity

Diaz-Canel: New Cuban Constitution Defends Human Dignity
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18 February 2019
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The new Cuban Constitution defends human dignity, President Miguel Diaz-Canel said on Monday, just six days before the referendum to ratify the magna carta.

'Our Constitution guarantees and preserves the universal and free access to public health and education, so it defends the respect for human dignity,' the president wrote on his Twitter account, where he has more than 95,000 followers.

Diaz-Canel repeated his Yes vote in the referendum on February 24 on a document that resulted from people's contributions, translated into more than 780,000 proposals made in neighborhoods, work places and schools during the consultation that took place from August 13 to November 15.

On Sunday, the Cuban president recalled on Twitter the glorious nature of the date chosen for the referendum, as it marks the resumption of the wars for independence in 1895, and noted the people's protagonism in the construction of the new Constitution, which will replace the one in force since 1976.

'Cuba is ready to say Yes to the Constitution that we made among all. I vote Yes for that collective work,' Diaz-Canel stressed.

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