Cuba Celebrates 88th Birthday of Fidel Castro

Cuba Celebrates 88th Birthday of Fidel Castro
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13 August 2014
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Cuba performs several activities today in the context of the International Youth Day and some of the activities in order to celebrate the 88th birthday of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro. The celebrations on this date include camping, sports and recreation, exhibitions, concerts, dance festivals and tours.

Thus, in Havana. there is an award ceremony of the second edition of the mega Cubaila, of the National Institute of Sports, Physical
Education and Recreation and, in the evening, Cuban duo Buena Fe will perform a concert and party, for a better world.

This last activity will be in charge of the variety company PMM, to extend beyond midnight to welcome the 13th of August and sing
congratulations to the Cuban leader on his birthday.

Meanwhile, Buena Fe and other emblematic songs of his latest album liven up the day with a big concert at Havana's Playa municipality, as the preamble of the birthday.

Also today at the José Martí Memorial, will open a photo exhibition called Fidel is Fidel, by Roberto Chile, renowned cameraman who filmed many times the Cuban statesman, and now appeals to greet the birthday.

Also the birthplace of Fidel Castro in the eastern town of Biran, undergoes major repairs for the date, while the wax museum of the city of Bayamo, the only one in Cuba, will show a sculpture of Nobel Prize Literature 1982, Gabriel García Márquez, a personal friend of Cuban leader, starting Wednesday.

Also, the presentation in August 13th in honor of the great Cuban statesman of a book called The Common Destiny of the Americas, a text that reveals the itinerary of the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean to open a space of enormous significance for regional unity .

In the Caribbean nation, the celebration of the day is framed in the context of the Si Tengo Un Hermano (If I Have a Brother) who also dedicated to whom Fidel Castro defined as Cuba's best friend, the late and Bolivarian Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

Marches and demonstrations all over the island reminded the fraternal friendship between the two personalities within their home dates and in the case of the Cuban leader, numerous activities such as competitions and cultural activities took place.

Source of living history, Fidel Castro is the central figure and protagonist of becoming important episodes of his people, the continent and the world for more than six decades ago.

At the same time, Fidel Castro is recognized as a great manager, conductor and historic leader of a revolution that since winning the January 1, 1959 opened the doors of national emancipation and became a beacon for Latin America and the world.

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