Why did We Go to Rally at Trillo Park?

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Why did We Go to Rally at Trillo Park?
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3 December 2020

Why did all these young people go there? Because I know that time and park were just little? Why some of us who are not so young anymore joined them anyway?

Yes, I know the chaos theorists, the absolute owners of the collective thinking have sentenced him: they were forced.

What about the one, who found out in Facebook, who juggled to readjust the Sunday schedule and went there, my friend Yanela González, who took her baby in her arms, the artists who stopped a recording session at Astral theater because they felt the need to be, to share, to express themselves: forced to go there too!

What compelled us? For Yanela, for example: “the blood that boils through me, my experience as part of the youth in the late 90’s and early this century, I had to feel that revolutionary explosion, for my daughters and my commitment as a teacher with the training of future generations and to make clear my position as a Cuban follower of Fidel, Raul, and Diaz Canel, which is nothing but the continuity of the Revolution".

My future colleague Heydy Montes de Oca was "forced" by the times: If the times call for radicalization, we must radicalize! She wrote on her Facebook wall. Alejandro Palmarola, a young scientist and environmentalist went to Trillo Park to repeat what he believes, neither the Base Committee nor the Union section summoned him there and, besides speaking, he heard, this is how he relates in his wall:

“They spoke of narrow minds, bureaucracy, art alternative, of inclusion, of opportunities to do and of dialogue. They talked about politics but they talked a lot about love for the country, they spoke of unification, they spoke of hopes and desire to contribute and do. They read and improvised, sung, danced and rejoiced.

The president came, some thought it was natural for him to show up. I did not expect that, but I wanted it. And he spoke and sang and he said it was important to let young people say what they thought.

"We went to defend democracy and socialism, to express freely what we think and feel, to sing together, to charge batteries, to name things by their true names, to take sides. We were fools and rebels.

We did not go to Trillo Park to speak for anyone, or to speak of anyone, although many asked us since the geographical distance to do in their behalf, but we basically went there to ratify a personal position, although shared, aware that each person counts. We did not go there to negate rights, but to exercise ours to defend the Revolution. We carry all the colors of the world and four letters that swell the chest: Cuba.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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