What to do for peace? More social commitment and less political fallacies

What to do for peace? More social commitment and less political fallacies
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21 September 2021

Peace to life, education, health, development, social justice and gender equity. A harmony free of foreign interference, nuclear weapons, bombs, and war is what should take precedence in the world as it is shameful that in the twenty-first century, patterns of violence and naval bases across the world are still promoted; not to mention discrimination, conflicts and interfering measures that affect the independence of peoples.

It is a simple word of three letters with such an understandable meaning, even a little kid in harsh conditions, even though this kid may not fully understand the concept, he or she is capable of yearning a fairer life, calm, with full implementation of his or her human rights, praying for not being the target of bombs dropping on his or her home, or for his or her neighborhood not being destroyed. Therefore, this kid just dreams to have a daily routine and go to school as a normal kid and play outdoor with friends.

How big the disaster caused by the U.S. government and its soldiers in several Middle East countries has been! Under the guise of bringing an alleged freedom and their so-called democracy, they have dismantled and burned down to the ground years of culture, development, history. They have cut the branches of so many family trees. No one would like to feel that pain, but I wish invaders may feel, at least for a second, that oppressiveness to really understand what is like to see the family die in a war.

There are so many cold-hearted people. Reality has proven that men do not want or know how to control that materialist behavior. Men are selfish and greedy, which result in more isolation. Even in this pandemic times, where unity and human solidarity are paramount, the more powerful men go on their way and do not look back. They do not even waste one second to help others.

Some people within the U.S. do not want to leave us in peace. Cuba endures every day the effects of the U.S. economical, commercial and financial blockade. And now, amid an epidemiological crisis, the U.S. has tightened the noose with the goal of overthrowing the Revolution, which simply tries to survive and move forward with its scarce resources. We have been labeled as terrorists, but we ease the pain of friendly peoples.

We are labeled as dictators, but you will not find disappeared or tortured people here. That was our past, in the times of the neocolonialism when poor people barely have access to health care and education. However, despite the lack of medical supplies, the Covid-19 pandemic has been under control, which has not been the case of foreign powers with finance capital in abundance, which allows them to spend endless amount of money in the international market.

They will not leave us alone since they are upset that we, being a small nation surrounded by the sea, have been capable of producing two vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and we are now way ahead of them with our vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in pediatric ages. They want to devalue our feats and peace by saying that those precious bulbs are a mix of water and sugar. That is why they sponsor so many smear campaigns. Nevertheless, Vietnam approved the use of the Abdala vaccine and that proves otherwise.

The United Nations General Assembly celebrates every September 21st the International Day of Peace, for a better world, equitable and accessible world. But reality shows that the UN and other global agencies have still much to do. The world needs more leaders like those who attended the CELAC Summit held in Mexico, and sit on the discussion table with critical speeches and without so much political fallacies for the sake of the global peace.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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