Video implicates member of Anti-Cuban mafia in the 2021 storming of the US Capitol

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Video implicates member of Anti-Cuban mafia in the 2021 storming of the US Capitol
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19 January 2021

Stunning video of the storming of the US Capitol shows a rioter saying that Ted Cruz wanted them “to do that.”

A new video has proven that the violent attack to the US Capitol was instigated by a pro-Trump mafia.

One of the rioters who stormed the Capitol building that day states in the video that he thought he was following the ideas of Texas Senator of Cuban origin, Ted Cruz.

Cruz, who is also a prominent member of the anti-Cuban mafia in the US, joined President Trump in spreading the fake fact that the outgoing President lost the election before President-elect Joe Biden in November due to a generalized election fraud.

In the video, released by The New Yorker, we can see a man looking through a file in the Senate floor speaking of Cruz: “Hey, ‘objection to the counting of Arizona´s electors.’ This man was going to sell us out all the time.”

But a man in a red MAGA hat rose in defense of Cruz and said the rioter: “Wait, no. That’s a good thing! That’s a good thing! He is with us. He is with us!”

The other replied: “Hawley, Cruz? I think Cruz wanted us to do this…Then, I think we are ok.”

The “Hawley” they were referring to, was Senator Josh Hawley, Missouri Rep., who has been widely criticized for disputing Joe Biden’s win in the electoral college back on January 6th, and a picture that showed him saluting MAGA’s mafia before entering the US Capitol and expressing his solidarity.

That day, the Texas Senator should, along with other 12 more Senators, raise objections on Joe Biden’s win due to fraud.

In the speech where he encouraged his followers to storm the Capitol, Trump said: “We will march over the Capitol building and we will cheer our brave Senators and Congressmen.” Was Ted Cruz one of those brave Senators that violent pro-Trump rioters should have cheered for?

According to The New Yorker’s video, yes, he was.

The rioter’s statement “He is with us! He is with us!” referring to Ted Cruz, makes us mull the idea of a pro-Trump group of Senators conspiring behind the scene with the violent rioters that attempted against the hallmark of America’s Democracy.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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