“Verano con Tod@s (Summer for All),” indeed

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“Verano con Tod@s (Summer for All),” indeed
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28 June 2022

The music video Verano con Tod@s (Summer for All) was premiered last Sunday. This song also gives name to the musical track of the summer, which is different to the previous two.

At least, our faces are uncovered this time as we are not using face masks anymore, and plenty of hugs, albeit cautiously.

But this is not exactly the sort of summer we want to talk about, but the peculiarity of the song’s title, which speaks well of how much communicators can do in this regard —in this case, the musicians, although the spectrum is actually broader— to continue positioning the differences and diversity in the imagination of Cubans, within the Caribbean subjectivity, which is characterized, as many others, by stereotypes and prejudice.

I am talking about the use of “@” in the term “Tod@s,” which leaves the way open to the gender issue. And I am not saying I am supporting that of “ladies, gentlemen, and everybody,” “men and women leaders,” and so on…

But, in this particular case, the promotion will be actually wide and it carries on a very strong message. That is why it is necessary.

Reading the words of one of the two young co-authors of the song, Fermin Francel (Claudio Casal is the other song’s author) in Juventud Rebelde, he stressed:

“We trust this inclusiveness and so we are at peace. It is quite interesting the use of “@” in the word “todos,” and it makes me think about the coexistence of differences: I can think way different from you and yet respect each other, and thus share this huge party which is the Cuban summer and our reality, which is Cuba.”

Claudio added: “When I refer to everyone’s inclusiveness, I am saying that we do not care about beliefs, genders to connect people, children, senior citizens, the musician, the construction worker, the carpenter, everyone who makes up our society and who, in their own way, enjoy this time with their family.”

The context is ideal as we are going to enter a decisive stage, which requires all the support we need to ensure that the emancipatory principles of equality and inclusion defended in the new Family Code can be approved.

This is what President Miguel Díaz-Canel stated, while referring to the referendum where the new Family Code will be subjected to a vote of approval next September.

The president insisted on continuing to argue, clarify and raise awareness about the importance of the vote. Undoubtedly, a lot of efforts are being made in this regard; a good example of this is the space Familias, broadcasted by Cubavision TV channel.

Led by Dr. Patricia Arés and directed by Olga Lidia Díaz, this is a 27-minutes educational program that brings us stories based on real events, which allow us to estimate how useful the new Family Code is, which, in the words of the President, “It is, above all, about spirit, feelings, understanding towards a group of problems that were not resolved in our society.”

Therefore, “Summer for All” sounds really well.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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