Venezuelan Parliamentarians: Chavism Prevails

Venezuelan Parliamentarians: Chavism Prevails
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16 December 2020

Next January 5th, Venezuela will have a new Parliament, after the results of the legislative elections held last Sunday, where transparency, discipline before the COVID-19 protocols and steady popular assistance prevailed, with the people supporting Chavism.

Elections were held amidst an economic crisis aggravated by the harsh blockade imposed by imperialism against Venezuela, the support of the European Union for the sanctions policy of the departing President Trump and the threats of a counterrevolution to hinder with violent acts a consultation that had as protagonist the total peace in its execution, threats controlled by the security given by the Bolivarian armed forces.

Despite the non-participation of the radical opposition, the one calling for the military intervention of the United States and supports the mercenary attacks, more than ten parties that oppose the Bolivarian Government participated in the event, with some of their leaders speaking out for peaceful dialogue, against violent methods, unjust sanctions and the suffering of the people who suffer such a severe blockade.

It was in the early hours that the National Electoral College reported that, with 82% of the records scrutinized, the Great Patriotic Pole, led by the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, obtained 67.7% of the votes, while the opposition Alianza Democrática, led by COPEI, attained 17.9%, while other adverse entities totaled slightly more than 14%.

This Monday the rest of the data will be offered regarding the distribution of the 277 seats in the new National Assembly, positions to which more than 14,000 candidates desired.

More than 300 foreign observers from Europe, Africa, Asia, the United States, and Latin America certified the quality of these elections, in which Venezuela triumphed, despite attempts to make them fail. Among those attending the event were former presidents Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, and Manuel Zelaya.

Very important elections to strengthen the institutionality, held in a peaceful environment, without a single incident at the 29,622 polling stations.

President Nicolás Maduro recognized the courage of all the opposition parties that came forward, and stressed that now together they will work to make a Venezuela that triumphs over adversity, with an Assembly that now responds to the interest of the people.

In turn, leaders of the opposition parties who agreed to participate in the elections recognized their transparency, and criticized those who called for abstention.

One of them, Timoteo Zambrano, accompanied by former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, asserted that the electoral path is the correct one, and rejected those who call for violence to overthrow the Bolivarian Government.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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