On Top of the Ongoing Tank

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On Top of the Ongoing Tank
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20 April 2021

The 8th. Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba was clear, crystal clear: also from communicating it’s need to continue defending the truth, be linked to the most current knowledge and ways of doing, to defend the Revolution.

The world has changed and next to it, the challenges that this Island faces every day.

Those coming from Internet are not the lesser.

The President of the Republic and newly elected First Secretary of the Central Committee Party, said in his closing speech: Through the dissemination of lying matrices, manipulations, and infamies,  contribute to promote instability, where the will of a free and independent nation hasn’t been broken.

It’s the exaltation and perpetual construction of the lie with all its possible covers, sometimes so subtle that some even go as far as confuse it with the truth.

But precisely to continue stripping down that lie from its disguises has called the party meeting, where it was also highlighted that to go hand in hand with success in that battle, not only good intentions are needed.

The resolution born of the work of the Working Commission number 2, where were approached, among others, issues related to ideology, calls for “strengthening the revolutionary activism in digital social networks, insist on the improvement of timely alert and development of work systems supported by more dynamic information and updating by all organisms at different levels ”.

It’s clear that conventional media communications are no longer those thtat monopolized the largest audiences. The confrontation has spread to digital world, in which today the most dangerous and also the most cowardly war is waged, as the president pointed out.

And it will also be there where, responding to the exhortations of the 8th Congress, that emblematic tank with which Fidel advanced on the sands of Playa Girón.

We will continue “on that ongoing tank” also on the virtual sands.

Translated by: Amilkal Labañino Valdes / Cubasi Translation Staff

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