So much noise after Shakira’s song!

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So much noise after Shakira’s song!
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17 January 2023

Several gossip magazines have been following for months every step of the romantic novel starred by Gerard Piqué and Shakira. And half of the world is up to date on the events surrounding the former couple. With each piece of information, photo, or tweet, the social networks become a madhouse and euphoria takes control of followers who analyze and speculate based on short communiqués and alleged “evidence” they find in every web forum.

The current chapter has to do with the recent song of the Colombian singer with the Argentine DJ producer Bizarrap. The world is shocked, and while the video on YouTube reached, like a powder keg, millions of views as soon as it was released, users are divided between praising Shakira, victimizing her, blaming her for I do not know what traumas to her children Milan and Sasha, or branding her of vindictive for exposing her feelings in her own way. The opinions are endless.

However, she has a lot of supporters. From what I have seen, many more people identify with her unpleasant situation and support the use of her music to express herself, just as poets, painters, and all people with an artistic sensibility who take advantage of their daily life, their feelings. Usually in sadness, we are more productive, perhaps because of that need to exorcise every last ounce of sorrow. For some, sharing it makes suffering heal faster. Her despair is evident. Why to suppress it? Where is the freedom to express our feelings?

Back in April 2022, she showed some hints with the song Te Felicito, featured with Rauw Alejandro, and then in October we had a preview of troubled waters coming with Monotonía, featuring Ozuna. There we saw her affected, hurt, resigned, even, in a close-up, crying and with the saddest look ever seen on her, so fueled with fire and joy.

She got us used to hear about love and heartbreak since Pies Descalzos. And it seems that we have just found out about her lyrics. However, Shakira’s songs stopped being romantic, with perfect language, a while ago. So I am not surprised she has channeled her fury this way. Although I do not like the song —I believe it is despicable—, it is not easy to no one to channel the pain triggered by a bad breakup. Certainly, writing this song now does not make her vulnerable, but strong woman and I hope she paused to weigh the pros and cons of her actions.

However, human beings are not perfect or reasonable all the time. I do not want to compare behaviors, nor speculate what would have happened if history had been reversed and Piqué was the one in pain and had the tool of creation at hand. This is how it is happening. The catharsis of Shakira's feelings prompts her to use music, there she finds relief and a solution. People should do things as they feel, even in turbulence, and if she is wrong, then she must deal with her mistake as good as she can manage.

Regarding her children, it is not necessary they know in details about the adult’s world. They are just kids and can perfectly live detached from the Internet and thus surrounded only by positive influence, although they cannot go unharmed 100 % of the buzz generated by divorce. We will not know, anyway. And, in any case, the truth is undeniable and people must embrace it: there was a turbulent breakup, which transcended home as it happens to celebrities. And it cannot be silenced in the celebrities’ world. On the other hand, the public plays it role as well.

So much noise after Shakira’s song! This media persecution fuels the conflict even more and stimulates all kinds of comments. It will vanish once another “news” pops up, and it will occur pretty soon. Meanwhile, the Colombian may feel victorious, perhaps she got just the sort of controversy she was looking for. How to be sure about it? In no case does she seem to me to be afflicted, I imagine her free and happy with the result, especially after cashing.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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